The Phoenix Suns veterans told rookie guard Kendall Marshall after the squad's first practice that they had a surprise for them. He asked if it was a good surprise or a bad surprise.

That depends on how you look at it.

The Phoenix Suns presented Marshall with a trio of embarrassing children's backpacks from which to choose, and he selected one with a Justin Bieber design. The accessory is meant to embarrass Marshall, but the former North Carolina standout is not fazed.

"I feel like I can pull of the J-Biebs," Marshall said.

Marshall is not the only rookie to receive a Justin Bieber backpack, and far from the first newcomer to have to wear an embarrassing bag. Marshall, however, is determined to pull off the backpack.

"I'm going to make it a fashion statement," Marshall said. "I'm going to wear it all the time to the point where [the veterans] are going to be mad, like, 'This doesn't faze him.'"

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