The year of college football fan synchronized stunts continues, and it made might have helped Penn State win over the weekend.

In the final seconds of Saturday's game, down 10-7 to the Nittany Lions, Illinois had a chance to tie the game with a field goal. Enter the Penn State student section, which took a cue from basketball and did everything it could to become a distraction behind the goal posts, converging around 25 percent of the lower bowl into two sections directly in the view of Illinois kicker Derek Dimke:

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The only thing missing was a dude dancing in a Speedo, but it would have just been window dressing. (Granted, it would have been absolutely awful window dressing.) The kick smacked the upright and fell to the turf with a thud. Did the fans make a difference? The next mob of fans to try it will surely hope so.

The only question now is what next week will bring to college football crowds. We already know there will be too much gumbo at a certain tailgate, but that will only kick off a day of possibilities. Here's hoping we see something like Iowa's card trick meets an elephant walking across the section behind the LSU goal posts.

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