If you've never caught a New Zealand All Blacks rugby match, the one thing you're missing in life is the meanest rendition of a Haka in existence.

The All Blacks have popularized the Haka, a traditional war dance from the Maori people of New Zealand, and it has migrated across oceans. Texas high school football power Euless Trinity performs the Haka before every game.

The Haka is so pervasive now that during the parade to celebrate the All Blacks' 2011 Rugby World Cup title, the New Zealand Army Band broke into its own rendition. If you want to see something that is simultaneously jarring and awesome, check this out:

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There's something absolutely arresting about a normally intimidating dance being performed by a group that looks like extras from a military version of "The Music Man."

But in all seriousness, celebrations of national pride that come with World Cup titles are tremendous to observe and participation has to be euphoric. This parade had no


of enthusiastic participants.

Besides, say what you want about marching bands, this has to be among the last you'd challenge to a fight. Especially after the Haka.

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