This scouting report on Joe Burrow is brutal. Honest, perhaps. But brutal.

"Joe Burrow cannot dance," receiver Justin Jefferson says of his former LSU teammate. "At all. Not one bit. No rhythm at all. Not one little piece of rhythm in his body."

Despite his lack of dancing skills, Burrow knew how to get the ball to Jefferson, LSU's top receiver in 2019 when the Tigers won the national championship. 

Jefferson caught nine passes in the title game against Clemson to boost his stock in the NFL draft, where he is projected to be picked late in the first round. But he drew nearly as much attention with his variety of dance moves.

"I've been dancing since I was small," Jefferson says. "Dancing was one of the ways we showed our emotions."

Check out the video above for Jefferson's demonstration of dances such as "The Griddy" and "The Beanie" plus his pick for best dancer in the NFL.

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