Alex Morgan
"Watchin some MLS... Chicago fans get your butts to their games, way too many empty seats"
How I See It: You watch the MLS? Alex, you just lost a lot of respect from Americans.

Nick Barnett
"Carson to the Raiders could be dangerous!! Excited to see him back in the league..."
How I See It: Why did it take a Jason Campbell injury to get this trade done? Carson Palmer's been the better quarterback the whole time ...

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Jared Sullinger
"Executive decisions by me and @erav30osu"
How I See It: In other words, @kyrieirving and @brandonknight, look at me! I'm going to be playing basketball this year! I made better decisions than you.

C.J. Wilson
"Boarding the plane headed 2 STL #thisboatisreal ---only about 650 miles, anyone driving back and forth?"
How I See It: P.S. I got the ball in Game One. @Clifflee, hope Philadelphia was fun this season.

David Carr
"Congrats Carson, throw the ball to Kevin Boss and Welcome back bro, pumped for you"
How I See It: Wise words from a fellow first overall pick who never reached his potential.

LeBron James
"Watching CSI: Miami "Look Who's Taunting" with @SavannahRB. We glued to the TV. Love this show!! I need to make a cameo soon. #Actor"
How I See It: Does CSI: Miami have a strong enough supporting cast for you? Can you act with David Caruso being the only other superstar on the roster?

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