You only turn 50 once, and one NFL legend got a birthday surprise for the ages.

Steve Young, quarterback of the legendary 1990's 49ers, sat down to enjoy a quiet, relaxed birthday lunch with his family. A woman showed up to the table to ask for Young's autograph, which happens all the time of course, since he's a Super Bowl MVP. But then Young got the shock of a lifetime: The woman busted into a dance and hundreds of friends, family and total strangers broke out into choreographed song in honor of the two-time

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Young, the first left-handed quarterback to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was floored. He even appeared to be in tears, thanking everyone while saying he "had no idea," he was going to be the recipient of a spontaneous public performance. Turned out it was Young's wife, Barbara, who set up the event, enlisting a group known as Flash Mob America. They say the goal of the organization is to create joy through surprise.

It worked.

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