Seven-time U.S. Olympic swimming medalist Amanda Beard knows that not every workout is fun. But she never quits. "There are days when I just don't feel like pushing myself," says Beard. "But when I hit a low point in a workout, I remind myself that I have to push through—I mentally shift from 'I'm too tired' to 'I'll feel great after a good workout.'" And good for us that she does, because her decades of training have sculpted one of the best bodies in America.

Even though her killer curves and stunning blue eyes have graced the pages of Playboy, don't be afraid to say hello if you cross lanes with her. "It's really cool when guys approach me with questions about how to become a better swimmer," she says. "Women can work out just as hard as men, and it's neat when guys put aside their pride and ask a girl for advice."

Beard is only one of the competitive, dedicated -- and did we mention gorgeous? -- women on our list of the 12 Sexiest Olympians.

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