Don't look down. But if you're wearing "mandals" (or dating someone who does), you need to read this. Mandals are -- you guessed it -- man sandals. As one of the ultimate first world problems, man sandals are extremely difficult to do right, unless you are totally comfortable looking like a camp counselor, river guide or frequenter of music festivals.

We scoured the web in search of the best and worst mandals around. We hope this list helps you avoid being confused with Ug from "Salute Your Shorts."

Don't Get Caught In The Wrong Man Sandals Slideshow


Don't: The Grunge Factor

Even when Dr. Martens were cool, we're pretty certain Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell weren't donning the sandal version. Not only do they weigh down your feet with the bulky rubber sole, there's barely enough ventilation for even a mild summer day. You don't want your sandals to be slingback hiking shoes.


Don’t: Support System

We’re not knocking the classic look of rubber flip-flops, which are welcome by the pool or on the beach. But when they're flat and flimsy, rubber flip-flops can wreak havoc on your feet. Invest in a pair with some cushioning and arch support, which we'll get to in the "do's."


Don't: The Italian Job

If you're not an Italian businessman, please avoid narrow, leather numbers that could be described as "handsome." Girgio Brutini does make some fine shoes, but this pair doesn't belong on this side of the Atlantic, unless you are Cesare Prandelli on holiday in Montauk.


Don't: Unhappy Camper

Unless you really are spending your summer as a white water rafting guide, chances are, shoes like this are unnecessary. (But if you are a rafting guide, we salute you, brave sir.) For those of you just looking for cushioning and support, you might as well wear a good pair of sneakers and some breathable cotton socks.


Do: Flip-Flop in Style

Reefs are known for combining cushioning with support, which means you could probably get away with wearing these flip-flops to the ballpark -- though they won't protect you from that guy who inevitably fails to catch the foul ball. The sole of this pair is made to dry fast, so they're great for poolside or seaside.


Do: New Neutrals

Every dude at your local pub will be wearing black, brown or tan flip-flops. Yawn. Charcoal is unexpected and makes this pair of Calvin Klein's almost, dare we say, striking? As striking as a pair of flip-flops can be.


Do: Go Californian

Rainbow makes a great pair of flip-flops, but if you need to step it up to something a little more formal, their hemp slip-ons are a nice alternative to your office footwear. Paired with some classic chinos or slim fit jeans, you could get away with these at your company barbecue.

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Final step: clean up those feet. It won't do you any good to go to all this trouble only to ruin the look with gnarly toes.

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