We're shocked -- shocked -- to learn that the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian marriage went up in the flames after 72 days. They must have been arguing constantly about BRI.

But they've got company when it comes to athlete-celebrity marriages that don't make it in the long run.

Famous Athlete-Celeb Marriages -- And Divorces Slideshow


Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian

Guests smart enough to invoke the one-year rule are off the hook for a gift.


Tony Parker/Eva Longoria

Reports of racy texts from Parker -- not to Longoria -- surfaced when the break-up became public.


Dennis Rodman/Carmen Electra

Blame David Stern? Like Humphries and Kardashian, these two got married during an NBA lockout.


Joe DiMaggio/Marilyn Monroe

The gold standard in athlete-celebrity marriages.


Mike Tyson/Robin Givens

Their "20/20" interview with Barbara Walters was a train wreck as Givens dissed Tyson while he sat next to her stoically, apparently medicated. Fittingly their divorce was finalized on Valentine's Day.


David Justice/Halle Berry

Berry supposedly had "David" tattooed on her butt, which she showed David Letterman but not viewers during a guest appearance on the "Late Show" in 1995.


John McEnroe/Tatum O'Neal

This lasted long enough to produce three kids.


Ron Greschner/Carol Alt

The original supermodel (they were all just models before that) and the longtime Rangers defenseman were married 18 years before divorcing in 2001.


Andre Agassi/Brooke Shields

After two years of marriage, they divorced in 1999, which might have helped Agassi refocus on tennis. He won the French and U.S. Opens that year after going four years without winning a Grand Slam event.


Sergei Fedorov/Anna Kournikova

They were married in 2001 and divorced in 2003, according to Fedorov. Kournikova has never acknowledged either event.


Rick Fox/Vanessa Williams

They were married for five years and left on good enough terms that Fox guest-starred on Williams' ABC show "Ugly Betty" as her character's bodyguard.


Greg Norman/Chris Evert

Each left a longtime spouse to be with the other, but this marriage lasted just 15 months.


Chuck Finley/Tawny Kitaen

Kitaen is perhaps best known for starring in the video for Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again." Police arrested her for allegedly attacking Finley in 2002.


Sheldon Souray/Angelica Bridges

The former "Baywatch" star/"Playboy" cover model divorced the veteran NHL defenseman in 2007, but two years later Puck Daddy was reporting that the "brutal battle over custody of their daughters is making tabloid headlines thanks to a combination of sex, salary and Sin City."

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