Whether you're a Yankees fan or not -- and I most certainly am -- it's hard not to appreciate the classic, crisp style of the interlocking NY designed by Louis Tiffany. But it's also hard to avoid gawking at some of the less-appealing uniforms in baseball.

During a recent Yankees home stand, for instance, I noticed the stark contrast between the sharp pinstripes of the Bombers and the gnarly color combination of forest green and mustard yellow on the Oakland A's.

This got me thinking about atrocious uniforms from past and present that warrant a collective gasp and a phone call. No, not a call to the bullpen for the save. Rather, a call to the fashion police.

Let's take a look:

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Houston Astros

Bridgette Raes, author of Style Rx, asks, "Didn't anyone ever tell the Astros that horizontal stripes make you look fat?" There is nothing subtle about this bold and brazen look, Raes says. "And nothing classic or timeless either."

Chicago White Sox

Both of these unis look like something belonging to a Formula 1 race car driver, Raes says. "These uniforms scream of the futuristic styles we seemed fixated with in the '80s." Plus, what's up with the large font? "Were they worried their fans would forget who they were rooting for?" Sigh.

Oakland A's

Although Raes isn't exactly opposed to this one (maybe it's because yellow is so darn trendy right now), she notes they are "definitely not getting an A for color combining."

Baltimore Orioles

Ode to the Orioles? Or the Orangoles? "That's a lot of orange," she points out. "Perhaps the team has a side job doing roadside construction or picking up garbage on the side of the highway?"

San Diego Padres

Ever see something so ugly it almost morphs into kitschy cool? Unfortunately, this doesn't fall into that category. "This is the worst of them all," Raes says. "Visual pollution! The font looks like something from the 70’s, the color combination is ghastly, depressing and blah ... I must look away!"

-- Vicki Salemi is a journalist who works and plays in NYC. She's a career expert and the author of "Big Career in the Big City" and often writes about lifestyle, sports, entertainment and yes, careers. Follow her on Twitter