1. NMA Takes On Tebow

Finally, Next Media Animation is here to explain the past, present and future of Tim Tebow's life and career. It's outlandish, cartoonish and eerily accurate.

3. Baldwin's Grab Halted By Flag

If not for the illegal formation penalty that took this play away, Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Jon Baldwin might have had me eating my own words about the catch of the season. Baldwin made his spectacular grab on Sunday against the Broncos, trapping the ball against the defender's back while running backwards.

4. Miller Hit Hard

NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan ruled there was no ill intent when Boston Bruins winger Milan Lucic left Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller with a concussion on a breakaway hit during a recent game. Hitting and hockey go together like franks and beans, but someone tell Lucic that, for the most part, goalies are off limits.

5. Say Hello To The Miami Marlins

Apparently professional sports teams in Miami love to hold excessive celebrations before they have accomplished anything: First, the Miami Heat and now the Marlins, who held a Heat-esque party just to show off their new uniforms.But hey, what can you do? If Will Smith's "Miami" has taught us anything, it's that every day is no work, all play. Okay?

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