We know it's difficult for Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything these days. Bills have been delayed for months while the two parties make little effort solve their differences.

As it turns out, the Capitol isn't the only arena that partisan Congressmen prevent action. This time, it comes down to two of the most important people in the country, and their shared interest in the game of golf.

Speaker of the House John Boehner told the Golf Channel in an interview airing next Monday that he can't even play golf with the president. Republicans and Democrats apparently get paranoid about the meeting of Boehner and Obama.

Boehner said the pair, who have played together before, would love to tee off again.

"If I go down to see President Obama, the Right begins to wonder what I'm up to. The Left begins to wonder what the President is up to," he told the Golf Channel. "The President has suggested, 'Hey, do you think it is too much trouble to play golf again?' and I have to look at him and say, 'Yes,' because everybody gets bent out of shape worried about what we are up to, when all we are really want to do is just play golf."

It's uncertain whether Boehner and Obama will ever get the chance to play again. It's a shame. They've proved to be a great pair. A really great pair.

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