Jon Rahm was disappointed in the Phil Mickelson-Tiger Woods pay-per-view showdown in November, but it had nothing to do with the technical difficulties that resulted in fans' receiving a refund.

"When the match with Tiger was announced, I couldn't wait for people to hear the real Phil," Rahm said. "And none of that came out in that match whatsoever. So I was shocked."

As it turned out, Mickelson was too intense about beating Tiger, which he did to collect $9 million.

But Mickelson can cut loose, particularly during practice rounds, such as Wednesday's session at The Masters when he was in the same group with Rahm.

"When you play with him, it's non-stop trash talk," Rahm said.

Check out more from Rahm on Mickelson's unique sense of humor in the video above.

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