Ronda Rousey is stealing the hearts of both women and men across the world with every punch, kick and knee she throws. From Cardale Jones to Turtle from Entourage to tireless Chicago Cubs prospect Anthony Giansanti, men are curious about the MMA fighter's dating availability and preferences.

Men may have their chance to understand Rousey's type of guy thanks to a recent Esquire interview with the undefeated (12-0) UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. First, it is important to preface with the 28-year-old's comments to Access Hollywood back in May while publicizing Entourage:

"Everyone expects that I want these giant, burly guys, and that's not really the case," she said. "I don't come home from the gym and feel like super rough ... I want to be a girl when I come home. I want to be taken care of when I get home."

"Right now, I'm waiting for a tall, dark pediatrician or something, you know," she smiled. "Something like that."

She also said she would not fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. unless they dated.

This week, Rousey gave more specific instructions for men interested in her and similar women in stature. The bombshell gave tips to men interested in approaching tough women in the Esquire interview:

"Even corny lines can have their appeal sometimes. Like, 'Aw, you tried!' It opens up the talk."

Along with being a successful athlete, beautiful person (and model) and natural actor, Rousey is also intelligent. She does not fall for the same tricks men give her and she does not suggest men give tough women the same generic lines. It takes some skill to be unique.

Here is how she says not to approach a tough woman:

"Trying to act tough. Some guys are like, 'Oh, I think I could take you!' Or 'You think you could take me?' Or 'Please don't armbar me!' That kind of stuff is the biggest immediate turnoff ever."

This is what Rousey does to guys who talk to her like that:

Rousey can fight in all sorts of venues. Fans may forget that her mother is judo champion AnnMarie De Mars, and Rousey actually became the youngest judoka at the Olympics at a 17-year-old in Athens in 2004 before winning a bronze medal in Beijing in 2008.

She became the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo.

Growing up with her mother, Rousey got a widespread education in fighting. That even goes as far as a bar fight, where potential male companions should proceed with caution:

"Grab a chair. That's what my mom told my sister when she went off to college. She didn't give her advice on how to do laundry. She said, 'Listen: You're a small person, so if shit goes down at a bar, you grab a chair and you just start swinging it around.' She never taught us how to put makeup on, she never taught us how to cook, but she did teach us that if you get in a bar fight, you grab a chair and swing it around.

For the men who do succeed on scheduling a date with Ronda Rousey, going to a bar is a safe choice. Even if Bethe Correja shows up.

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