Kendrick Lamar and Reebok put together an epic event as the rapper performed Tuesday on a moving stage that led hundreds of runner through the streets of Hollywood.

The event showcased a mix of music and footwear in an unforgettable way: Reebok supporting Kendrick's album, To Pimp a Butterfly, which launched last week, and Lamar supporting Reebok recently released Z Pump fusion.

With the wind blowing erratically and with only street lights to lead the way, the concert/5K run literally had people coming out of there houses to join in on the fun. Most runners, equipped with the Reebok Z Pump Runner and gear, followed closely behind as Kendrick rocked the stage.

Performing songs from his back catalog, Kendrick had the crowd signing along while keeping pace as his stage/truck drove down Sunset.

Launched in 1989, Reebok has given the Pump a recent makeover that makes it more suitable for runners. Though not the first time the Pump has been included as part of a runner, the new Z Pump Fusion give greater focus to the sport and has updated the technology to provide runners with a customized fit. Like the previous Pump, a bladder is used to contain the air in the shoe's upper, which increases the pressure and fit of the shoe.

Kendrick, who took to the stage in the shoe and performed the entire show in the silhouette, says similar pop-up performances in other cities could be in the works.

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