The description of this new sport called Grid is simple enough, and perhaps doesn't convey the amount of strength, speed and intensity required to compete. Grid pits two teams of 14 players, which includes men and women, in a head-to-head race involving fitness challenges, such as weightlifting and gymnastics.

At a recent tryout session for the team to be based in Los Angeles, we encountered Olympic-caliber weightlifters, gymnasts, Cirque du Soleil performers and a two-time Pro Bowl running back. So what inspired Willis McGahee to try his hand at making the roster?

"I love a workout," McGahee says. "I'm going to do it, regardless of (whether) I'm here or not. It's a challenge, something new for me."

Watch McGahee and the other hopefuls in Los Angeles being put through the paces:

Heading into its second season, the National Pro Grid League plans to field teams in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Baltimore, Washington and Miami.

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