Obviously the thought of having to finish a marathon is a nightmare for many of us, but imagine getting it done after being paralyzed from the waist down?

That's exactly what one valiant woman is doing in Britain.

Claire Lomas is paralyzed from her chest down after a terrifying horse-riding accident from 2007. However, she's not letting that stop her from becoming the first person to finish the London Marathon in a bionic suit.

For the most part, this sounds like it fell directly from the pages of a science fiction book, except this is real life.

Lomas, 32, is wearing a revolutionary $69,500 robotic suit ($43k pounds), that according to the BBC allows people with lower-limb paralysis to stand, walk and even climb stairs.

"Crossing the roads make it so much more difficult. I can't feel my legs, so looking down just to see where my feet are, how much I need to tilt, which I find quite challenging," she told ITN News.

Motion censors are activated when Claire tilts forward, and her legs start moving with her partner behind her the entire way.

The Independent (U.K.) reports Lomas is expected to finish the 26.2-mile course Tuesday.

Despite this historic odyssey, the scrooges which run the London Marathon won't be giving her a medal. They say all runners must finish the race in 24 hours. However she's had plenty of people willing to give her a prize. "I've been offered a lot by the very kind runners. I might end up with more medals than I can cope with," Lomas declared to ITN News.

All things considered, it's a remarkable sojourn, and Lomas has already raised over $113,000 for spinal research during her gutty journey.

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