Watching the NFL draft unfold every year is about more than just analyzing picks and how they fit with their new teams. It's also about analyzing suits and how they fit, both on the players themselves and in the annals of draft outfits, sharp or sloppy.

NFL Draft 2012: Best And Worst Dressed Slideshow


Fashion at the 2012 NFL Draft

ThePostGame looks at the fashion hits and misses of the 2012 NFL draft, and provides a little commentary to go with the colors.


Robert Griffin III

RGIII pulls off the baby blue suit better than anyone who isn't a 4-year-old on Easter should. But the dude knew he was getting drafted by the burgundy and gold of the Washington Redskins! You know why Best Actress nominees don't wear bright dresses? It's not because Dior won't make it; it's because it clashes with Oscar.


Mark Barron

At least the Alabama safety had the good sense to wear a solid tie with his checked shirt. That's a fashion tip that half of the NFL Network set could have used.


Dre Kirkpatrick

Old rule: Anything that shows off your school colors is cool. New rule: Anything that shows off your school colors and isn't a cardigan is cool.


Trent Richardson

Three 'Bama players in a row. You'd think they could afford some better tailors.


Ryan Tannehill

If it doesn't work out with the Dolphins (as many suspect), there's always a position at Men's Wearhouse.


Dontari Poe

The Chiefs draft pick weighs 350, bench pressed 44 reps at the combine and ran the 40 in under five seconds, so his suit looks excellent and you can't convince me otherwise.


Stephon Gilmore

Was greatly disappointed that Stephon Gilmore and Stefan Urquelle spell their names differently because they're both so smooth. Better get some coats for Buffalo though.


John Elway

Whoever said orange was the new black was seriously disturbed. And, yeah, I just quoted "Legally Blonde." I've heard it's Dontari Poe's favorite film.

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While you take time now (while scanning Netflix for 'Legally Blonde') to debate which looks worked and which didn't, start working on your mock draft for 2013, and take odds on who will look the sharpest: Matt Barkley or Denard Robinson?

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