Looks like swimming the English Channel was just the beginning for Philippe Croizon, a French athlete and quadruple amputee. Two years after that 21-mile, 14-hour swim, the unstoppable Croizon has announced plans to swim around the world.

According to Fox Sports, Croizon and his friend Arnaud Chassery, an accomplished swimmer, plan to start their feat this May, beginning in the northern hemisphere with a swim between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Next, the two friends will cross the Red Sea between Jordan and Egypt. Their journey will take them to the Strait of Gibraltar between Africa and Europe, before a final swim across the Bering Strait between America and Asia in August, with the goal of encouraging tolerance around the world.

"We will be campaigning to encourage a different attitude to disability, especially in the undeveloped world," said Croizon, quoted in The Independent.

You might be wondering how Croizon, 44, has become such an accomplished swimmer. Five years after he was electrocuted while changing a TV antenna on his roof, he was determined to start swimming. He engineered his own method with short leg prostheses and flippers, combined with upper-body strength. He had dreamed about swimming the English Channels childhood. No one thought he could do it, but in 2010, with the help of his new friend Chassery, Croizon became the first limbless person to swim the English Channel.

Still, it wasn't enough.

"When you've had a high dose of that sort of feeling, it becomes a drug, you can't get over it," he said during a press conference. "When the Channel's over, you say 'Blimey, I'm not going to back to the sofa, I don't want to go back there, I got up from the sofa. I don't want to become a sofa-bound athlete.' That's how the new adventure started."

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