It was Albert Einstein who asked a question that he claimed sometimes drove himself hazy: "Am I or are the others crazy?"

You wouldn't dump your computer for a typewriter, or trade in your car for a horse, but how about going back to walking on four legs instead of two?

A man who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo did just that, and as a result we're sharing his crazy story.

It seems like a bad "Saturday Night Live" sketch when you first watch the video, but it's true. Kenichi Ito, for close to 10 years, has been mastering the art of running on four legs. Ito has studied Africa's wiry Patas monkey in hopes of mimicking its style.

Most of us got picked on in school at some point, but not all of us take that playground taunting as a life's ambition.

"You know my face and body kind of looks like a monkey, so from a young age everyone used to tease me, saying 'monkey, monkey.' But I wasn't really bothered because I really liked them, and somewhere inside of me I had this ambition to adopt one of their traits," Ito told the International Business Times.

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This guy's life has literally gone to the primates. For instance, he's walked around his neighborhood outside Tokyo on hands and feet for the past eight-and-a-half years. Outside of some really strange looks, Ito says he was briefly forced out of his city by law enforcement and nearly became a hunting prize.

"In the streets around here I get stopped by the police, so I went up into the mountains for about a month for a kind of four-legged running training camp. But on the first day, a hunter mistook me for a wild boar, and he tried to shoot me," Ito explained to Reuters.

Kenichi apparently has lots of free time, the International Business Times reports, as he studies animals on the Internet and at the zoo. That's not even the strangest part of the story, he's reportedly persuaded close to 100 people in seven countries around the world to also walk like a monkey.

Usain Bolt might be the fastest man on two feet, but remember that Kenichi Ito holds the world record as the fastest man running 100 meters on all fours, with a time of 18.58 seconds.

In the long run that's worth something, just not a gold medal or large endorsement contract.

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