Lolo Jones was kicked off ABC's Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night, thus ending the most objectively uncomfortable one-week run for any performer in the show's history.

In relatively limited screen time -- the Olympic sprinter and bobsledder was one of 10 contestants featured in the two-hour season-opener on Monday -- Jones managed to 1) render her dancing partner speechless 2) dance like a 1980s action figure with only four points of articulation 3) forget a considerably large portion of her one-minute routine, and 4) repeatedly talk over the judges as they tried to articulate how poorly she had performed.

Points one through three are forgivable. Point four is a cardinal sin within the 'DWTS' framework. Nobody likes a celebrity dance contestant that can't take criticism, and past celebrity athletes have been notoriously bad at this. Jones was so blatant in her disregard for The Honorable Len Goodman that it seemed like the audience actually booed her.

After her elimination, Jones went to quick work on social media to address her elimination, thanking her fans and expressing disappointment that she didn't last long longer:

After that post, Jones received a deluge of fan feedback covering the full spectrum of embrace and animosity. To be fair, she did seem to acknowledge that her behavior on the show was in poor taste:

Jones also added "Retired Dancing with the Stars" to her Twitter bio. But don't worry, she'll be back for the show's season finale.

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