Days after he said he wants to play in the NFL until he is 45 years old, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was rewarded with a pair of drug tests.

Coincidence? He thinks not.

Brees, 35, is entering his 14th season in the league. And while no quarterback has started a game at age 45 (Warren Moon, Steve DeBerg and Vinny Testaverde made it to 44), Brees is hopeful that he can raise the bar.

"No doubt. There's no question," Brees told the NFL Network's Albert Breer. "I'm not getting ahead myself, like it's a pipe dream, at 45. I understand the challenges that come along with that. But why not? If I can stay healthy, and I'm having fun and playing at a high level, why wouldn't I wanna do that?"

This isn't the first instance of an NFL player being drug tested at a curious time. Colts kicker Pat McAfee got called for a sample after delivering a monster hit while Giants punter Steve Weatherford was selected for a test after one of his best performances of the season.

These are most likely all coincidences, but it is funny to note the timing. As per the NFL's drug testing policy, the league is allowed to randomly drug test players up to six times during the offseason. The league has the right to unlimited tests during the season.

While Brees would need some good fortune to make it 10 more years in the league, the idea of him sticking around for another decade isn't inconceivable. He's made the Pro Bowl each of the past two years and started all 16 games for each of the past four seasons. He and coach Sean Payton have combined to create one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history, and as evidenced by an NFC-leading 5,162 passing yards in 2013, Brees is showing no signs of slowing down.