On Sunday, Steve Weatherford of the New York Giants booted five punts, two of which traveled more than 65 yards. His 54.6 yards-per-punt average was his second highest total of the year.

On Monday, the NFL rewarded Weatherford with a drug test. Random? He thinks not.

Weatherford, a workout fanatic, seems a little insulted by the NFL's request.

Interestingly, this is the second time a punter has gotten drug-tested after having a big night. On Oct. 21 Colts punter Pat McAfee was asked for a urine sample after a big hit on Denver Broncos return man Trindon Holliday.

In both instances the drug test is probably a coincidence, but you've got to love the reaction by both punters.

This is actually somewhat familiar territory for Weatherford. Before the Super Bowl in February between the Ravens and 49ers, Mitch Ross and Christopher Key of Sports With Alternatives to Steroids (S.W.A.T.S.) cited some pro athletes, including Ray Lewis, Johnny Damon, Brett Favre and Weatherford, for using its products. Ross said Weatherford used "performance chips," which are tiny holographic patches worn on the skin at Chinese acupuncture points that supposedly help the body maintain and replenish its energy supply.

According to Weatherford, who threatened legal action for having his name dragged into the conversation, Ross has since apologized to him and said he will not mention the punter's name again.

"I'd have to think the reason he used my name is because of my fitness level and how people view me as being a fitness freak," Weatherford told ThePostGame in February.

Is Weatherford really a fitness freak? Judge for yourself:

He once used the shot below as his Twitter profile photo:

And here's an Instagram photo from October:

Teammates have said Weatherford is the pound for pound the strongest player on the Giants.

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