The Republican party went after Curt Schilling and struck out.

Schilling won't be taking his bold personality and legendary diamond status to Washington, D.C. anytime soon. The retired baseball star was approached by the GOP about running to take over longtime representative Barney Frank's congressional seat.

Despite a keen interest in politics, Schilling has a few issues that are going to keep him from heading to the GOP's big leagues. The former Red Sox star has campaigned for George W. Bush and John McCain, but decided the situation isn't right. “If it was any other point in time, I would do it in a heartbeat,” Schilling told the Boston Herald. “But it’s an elected position — it’s 365 days a year, nights, weekends. I can’t do it right now.”

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Schilling would be able to run for Frank's vacant seat because of redistricting changes that added the town the hurler lives in to Frank's district. He moved his video-game company from Massachusetts to Providence after he claimed officials in the Bay State wouldn't give him satisfactory economic incentives, which he received from Rhode Island. The Ocean State handed over a $75 million loan guarantee to the well-to-do retired athlete.

During his baseball career that spanned from 1990 till 2008, Schilling earned a staggering $114,158,000 from the Orioles, Astros, Phillies, Diamondbacks and Red Sox.

In addition to the time commitment obstacle, Schilling's children have health concerns. His oldest son Grant is battling Asperger's syndrome and all four of his kids have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Some Massachusetts political insiders were hoping Schilling would matchup in a head-to-head political showdown against Joseph P. Kennedy III, who the Boston Herald says is contemplating a run. Kennedy III, an assistant district attorney, is the son of former U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy II.

Curt Schilling's glory days:

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