Kobe Bryant has been accused of hogging the ball, but his team is leading the league in sharing.

The Los Angeles Lakers quietly became the first American sports franchise to accumulate 11 million Facebook fans. Bryant's team isn't just tops among NBA teams; Hollywood's favorite basketball squad leads all North American sports franchises when it comes to the social network.

The Lakers actually rank fourth worldwide, trailing European soccer powers Manchester United, Real Madrid and the king of Facebook, FC Barcelona, which has 23,128,028 fans.

It took the Lakers just three years to leave all the other sports franchises in the cyber dust. The Boston Celtics, owners of 17 championships, have "only" 5,636,135 fans, according to Sports Fan Graph. LeBron James' Miami Heat and Derrick Rose's Chicago Bulls are next on the list.

Owner Michael Jordan can't be pleased to know his Charlotte Bobcats have the fewest Facebook fans: fewer than 85,000.

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Over in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are tops on Facebook with a little more than four million fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers are next, followed by the New England Patriots and then the Green Bay Packers and their virtual cheeseheads.

Jacksonville's Jaguars, who lost to the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night, have the NFL's fewest Facebook fans with fewer than 230,000.

Lakers fans have plenty to look forward to this season.

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