So you went to an NFL game and an art show broke out.

More than 83,000 football fans on average have watched the Cowboys play at home this season, yet most have failed to realize the not-so-hidden secret on the walls of the billion dollar pigskin palace.

Cowboys Stadium is home to a world-class contemporary art collection. Gene Jones, wife of outspoken Cowboys owner Jerry, huddled together with some of the brightest minds in the art world to help select only the best of the best for America's Team.

CBS Dallas reports the large concrete walls inside the stadium are used as some of the world's largest canvases for contemporary art.

While Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are superstars on the football field, art legends such like Mel Bochner, Lawrence Weiner and Gary Simmons are the featured players in the "Art Collection Of Cowboys Stadium." All three of those leading figures in conceptual art have works displayed near escalators, along with German painter Franz Acherman.

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Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is among the contributing artists, with a sculpture that welcomes Dallas football fans at all major stadium entrances.

British-born artist Terry Haggerty and David Buran have permanent commissioned works that lighten up the overpriced concession stands.

Annette Lawrence, a University of North Texas professor, is the only local artist to have work featured inside Cowboys Stadium. The team literally tore down staid walls to help reinforce and support her steel cable structure, called "Coin Toss."

Lawrence thinks very highly of the wife of the Cowboys owner's taste in art. "This collection is enviable by museums all over the world," Lawrence told CBS.

Most fans of the NFL's top drawing team leisurely stroll through the stadium concourse with little or no awareness of the different genres of art all around.

But Gene Jones is planning to add even more art in the future.

Check out the whole gallery by clicking here.

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