A timeout has been called on Tiki Barber's plans to marry next spring. The former NFL star has a little issue he must take care of first: Barber still hasn't officially divorced his estranged wife, Ginny.

The New York Post reports Traci Lynn Johnson, the former NBC intern (at right), and Barber got engaged in August, with wedding bells expected in the well-heeled Hamptons in May of 2012. Much like Tiki's NFL comeback, though, the wedding has run into an obstacle. His divorce is far from complete (the two sides can't seem to reach a settlement), which has put the wedding on hold. It's just another way that it's been a tough year for the former Giant to get what he wants.

A member of the 10,000 rushing yards club, Barber had planned to come back to football after four years away from the game. He filed papers with the NFL to come out of retirement in March after his unsuccessful television career. After working out hard for several months, not a single NFL team was interested enough in Barber to offer him a contract.

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Following his retirement in 2006, Tiki had to watch as a media member as his former New York teammates stunned the sports world by upsetting the previously unbeaten Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII.

Barber was publicly roasted in the tabloids back in 2010 after he dumped his then-pregnant wife after 11 years of marriage to be with the Peacock Network intern.

As for his new plans to get hitched, Tiki must first untie the knot he created with the mother of his children. The Post reports Johnson, 24, was already making wedding arrangements with the 36-year-old former athlete. Now it seems she'll be making them a bit longer than expected. The couple live together in Manhattan.

Tiki Barber's failed bid to return to the NFL was chronicled by HBO Sports this summer.

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