Some Baltimore-area high school soccer players' version of an NFL victory dance has resulted in a rather severe punishment.

Members of the Perry Hall high school boys' soccer team did "The Bernie" after winning a big game this week, a dance that is sweeping the hearts of young people across the nation. It's a callback to Weekend at Bernie's, a 1989 movie.

WJZ-TV reports parents from opposing Dulaney High complained, saying the dance was inappropriate and lewd. Then Perry Hall principal George Roberts suspended his varsity boys soccer team for the entire season, ending their dreams of a championship. Parents and students are more than a little upset with the decision.

"You're excited and you just want to express it," sophomore Justin Ornelas told ABC 2. "And you know, the Ravens have done it. It's Maryland -- why not celebrate [like] Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs?"

Principal Roberts says NFL stars may be allowed to do "The Bernie" but it's not appropriate for high school kids.

"Engaging in those celebratory dances that they see Ravens players doing, professional soccer players doing, that's just not something that we consider," Roberts told WJZ-TV.

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The opposing soccer coach from Dulaney High sent an email saying some of his players parents might have wanted retaliation because they lost. He said that after viewing video of "The Bernie" dance, he felt the celebration may have been misunderstood.

Perry Hall's principal still says he spent eight hours interviewing players and coaches and looking over information to decide on the punishment. Roberts and his bosses are standing by their decision to suspend the players.

Police responded to the school Thursday as students protested there were protests to the early end to the boys' soccer season. The Perry Hall Patch reports no one was arrested.

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