A man dubbed "The King of the Web Brawlers," is being called the best thing to happen in boxing since Mike Tyson.

Kimbo Slice, famous for his street fights that went viral on the web, makes his prizefighting debut this Saturday in an unlikely place.

Slice, from South Florida, will travel to the tiny town of Miami, Oklahoma, (population 12,910) for a planned four-round heavyweight battle against James Wade.

Most (but not all) who follow the sweet science would say Slice, 37, is a bit long in the tooth to make any real impact on the sport.

But Jared Shaw, part of Slice's promotional team, (surprisingly) tells the Miami Herald his fighter is in demand.

"We are getting calls for future fights," Shaw said. "People know that Kimbo sells. I honestly believe he is the steroid-free serum the heavyweight division has lacked since Mike Tyson."

Slice says he doesn't regret wasting three years trying to become an MMA fighter instead of focusing on boxing.

"How would I know if [boxing] would have been the better move?" Slice said. "I'm just a fighter by nature. I'm coming in to fight the best. I have no fear of fighting any man."

Kimbo, real name Kevin Ferguson, started working as a bouncer before taking a gig driving a limo and working as a bodyguard. He believes he'll be a pick-me-up for the dying sport.

"The problem with heavyweights now is they don't have that fighting mentality," Slice said. "I am a nonstop fighter. My thing is nonstop aggression. When you fight me, two things are going to happen -- I'm going to knock you out or you’re going to knock me out."

Slice is altering his skill set from MMA to fighting. He's been getting ready for his boxing debut at a camp north of Los Angeles.

"Training is more intense," he told the Herald. "I am putting in the work needed for a standup fighter, like working on defensive techniques and counter-punching. I’m ready to go baby, my blood is boiling. I was born to fight and [mess] people up."

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