Perception and reality are two totally difference things when it comes to concussions in the sporting whorl.

Fans assume that men's contact sports like football and hockey are more likely to lead to a head injury than female athletics. The truth is something totally different.

Female athletes in high school sustain head injuries at rates matching or even surpassing boys, according to research by Ohio State University.

Results of the study show football is still king of most concussions in sports with 20 percent of high school players suffering concussions. But the research also uncovered that girls high school soccer players picked up 68 percent more concussions than boys soccer players. In high school hoops, ladies get 300 percent more head injuries, according to the Idaho State Journal.

The Deseret News reports that Arizona's Interscholastic Association ranks cheerleading second only to football when it comes to concussions.

A new law in the Grand Canyon state requires all athletes (male and female) who take part in any high school sport to undergo a 50-minute concussion education program. The goal of the program is to help them learn about symptoms that could lead to problems for themselves and teammates.

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