The NFL is trying to go global. Telemundo's Epigmenio Guerrero did his part to bring some foreign flair to the Packers-Patriots preseason came.

With 14 seconds left in the first quarter, Mason Crosby came on for a riveting 25-yard field goal. When he nailed the kick, all hell broke loose on the Spanish-language broadcast.

Guerrero gives Crosby 22 seconds of "Goooooooooooooal (Goooooooooooool in Spanish)."

Yes, it was a goal, but only a field goal. Seasoned football fans know it's nothing to get excited about.

Still, give Guerrero credit for going in on the call. Even in preseason, he's bringing the energy and injecting an exhibition game with excitement, even if that excitement is misguided.

Plus, Guerrero did better working a different sport than many other American broadcasters who tried their hand at different events. The Gus Johnson experiment of taking a football and basketball announcer into the world of soccer did not work.

Likewise, Joe Buck's football and baseball references at this year's golf U.S. Open felt forced.

Mason Crosby

Guerrero is in his second season calling games with Kevin Holden on Telemundo. According to The Washington Post, he made a similar call on a Crosby field goal last preseason.

"It is a field goal," Guerrero said. "In our culture to celebrate a goal in soccer is a big thing. I want to enjoy the goal the same as soccer as much as I can.

"I grew up watching soccer, but I love the NFL. The Spanish population doesn't always understand the rules. We try to make it fun to bring the community on board so they get the hang of it. It is a beautiful game."

Apparently, Holden said Guerrero took so long on one goal call (field goal, that is), the duo was cut off by commercial break.

That's not the only treat for fans tuning in. Guerrero's call for a touchdown is even more inventive: "TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TOUCHDOWN!!!"

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