Tim Tebow's mix of faith and sports has led to a unique reputation over the years. Born to Baptist missionaries in the Philippines, Tebow inherited a strong Christian faith.

He has both won an NFL playoff game as a starting quarterback and appeared in pro-life commercials during the Super Bowl. "Tebowing," Tebow's prayer pose, has become a mainstream physical meme for celebrating accomplishments.

Add Bible-signing to Tebow's list of odd events surrounding the clash of faith and football. At Eagles camp, Tebow was reportedly asked to sign a Bible. And he did.

High-profile players sign dozens of items at a time at training camp and many times, unconscious scribbles are recorded. In this case, Tebow did not necessarily go out of his way to grab the book, as it was motioned toward him.

Tebow is a backup quarterback in Philadelphia with Sam Bradford the likely starter. Tebow's Florida Gators defeated Bradford's Oklahoma Sooners in the 2009 FedEx BCS National Championship Game shortly after Bradford beat out Tebow for the Heisman Trophy (Tebow won the award the previous season).

Tebow also has a history with fellow backup Mark Sanchez, who started over Tebow on the 2012 New York Jets.

With Matt Barkley also on the roster, Tebow is going to have his hands full making the Eagles' regular-season roster. He still has the preseason to earn his stripes, though. And maybe a roster spot will fall into his hands the same way a Bible did.

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