If ever a sport was invented to destroy knee and ankle ligaments, as well as shatter any number of joints and the bones that arrive at said joints, it's downhill ice skate racing. And no one invents sports like Red Bull, which calls this particular brand of self abuse "Ice Cross Downhill."

The finals of this insane race took place at the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships 2012 in Quebec City with over 100,000 in attendance. Read that again: 100,000 in attendance. To watch the madmen fly down an ice chute while attempting to stay on their feet.

Arttu Pihlainen of Finland won the race in Quebec, but lost the overall world title to Canadian Kyle Croxhall, who finished the circuit with 3,000 points to Pihlainen's 2,960. But the real winners were all of the insurance companies covering the athletes that didn't have to cough up large chunks of change for a bunch of destroyed body parts.

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