Remember Field Day, that glorious all-day recess of potato sack races, water balloon volleyball and barrel rolls? Well, if Sunday's Northern Trust Open was a Field Day for golf lovers, then this Phil Mickelson fan deserves the blue ribbon.

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Video courtesy of Dan McQuade's Twitter @dhm

The other Pacific Palisades onlookers merely lept to their feet to cheer Mickelson's 25-footer at the 18th hole to force a playoff. But only a true supporter does a modified barrel roll right to the edge of the green. And if that wasn't enough, dude slammed the ground as if Lefty told a side-splitting joke only the fan could hear.

The celebration didn't quite propel Mickelson to a victory. He was edged out by Bill Haas. But nobody loves Bill Haas like this fan loves him some Phil.

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