It's not easy being green. Or trying to go green when you're up against a man with a lot of green who's trying to build a really sweet green.

In other words, Donald Trump is engaged in a bit of a battle over a proposed wind farm that is threatening to tower over his $1.184 billion luxury golf resort project in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Trump International Golf Links Scotland is scheduled to open on June 28, but who on earth will book a vacation at the stunning coastal resort if views of the sea are tarnished by 11 wind turbines, reaching 65 stories tall and resting 1.5-2.5 miles from the shore? Not to mention the distraction they could pose for, say, an American businessman trying to drive on the wrong side of his rented Scottish golf cart?

According to, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond received a desperate cry for help from Trump, who fears the turbines may in fact be "disastrous and environmentally irresponsible" and will be "an ugly cloud hanging over the future of the great Scottish coastline."

Could he be thinking of the poor seagulls, who can become ensnared in the ghastly devices? We all know Trump to be a passionate animal rights advocate. Oh, wait. That's someone else. So what else could it be?

Only one explanation comes to mind. His hairpiece might be caught in the wind and disappear faster than Trump can say, "You're Fired."

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Although Trump can't exactly fire the Scottish government, he has threatened to cease progress on the resort project until the battle of wind versus hot air is settled. Perhaps he'll just decide to apply for citizenship and take a run at First Minister Salmond. I mean, have we see his birth certificate?

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