Cheerleaders take a lot of heat for a lot of reasons, most of them coming from an envious place. Well, this video isn't going to make you envy cheerleaders any less.

An LSU cheerleader wore a GoPro POV camera during the Tigers' Nov. 25 home win against Arkansas. A flyer on the team, she gets some major air, providing some killer perspective in the process. Not only is the view from the stadium turf mesmerizing -- there were 93,108 purple and gold fans in attendance who witnessed a 41-17 Tigers win -- but the moment right before the team runs out on the field is the perfect crescendo to the pre-game build-up of hype and atmosphere in the SEC.

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As tough as it is to admit, that video makes cheerleading look pretty awesome. Well, except for the part where you're watching Les Miles back toward you with his rear end. The rest of it is pretty cool, though.

Can't wait 'til we see the video perspective of Mike the Tiger.

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