By Brett Singer

"I'm gonna be like you, dad ..." Harry Chapin wasn't singing about father and son athletes in his classic tune "Cat's in the Cradle", but he could have been. The song wouldn't have been quite so ironic, though. Most fathers would love to see their sons follow in their footsteps, especially if those footsteps lead to the field of professional sports. Here are some of our favorite father and son athlete combos.

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Bobby and Barry Bonds

Bobby Bonds and his son Barry do kind of look alike in the old photos, except for Barry’s hair. (Barry. The hair. Wow.) Both Bonds had long careers with the San Francisco Giants, and Barry is baseball's all-time home run leader.

Archie and Peyton/Eli Manning

Thanks to their ubiquitous advertising campaigns, even non-NFL fans should be able to pick out Peyton Manning and his brother Eli, and then deduce that the other guy is their dad. Archie Manning sired not one but two NFL superstars -- both Peyton and Eli are Super Bowl MVPs -- and Archie was a QB himself for the Saints, although it was during a period when they weren't very good. When it comes to father and son quarterbacks, the Manning family are certified All-Stars.

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Cecil and Prince Fielder

Cecil Fielder, the father, had a solid Major League Baseball career, including a World Series win with the 1996 New York Yankees. His son Prince Fielder has been with the Milwaukee Brewers for his entire career, which began in 2005. Sadly, father and son, both three time All-Stars, are currently estranged. Here they are in happier times, when Fielder and his not-so-little boy Prince did a McDonald's commercial together.

Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. Earnhardt

Oh sure. You guessed this one. Not! Maybe if you are a mega-NASCAR fan you figured out that these photos are of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. and his son. Or perhaps you peeked at our then and now pics of Dale Earnhardt Jr..

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