Most golfers dream of hitting a hole-in-one at least once in their lives. Some golfers are fortunate enough to score multiple aces in their lifetimes.

Tony and Janet Blundy? They earned hole-in-ones in the very same round.

The married couple has shot to fame after both of them hit holes-in-one on the same hole, and in the very same round. Oddsmakers have tabbed such a feat as being more than a 50 million-to-one shot.

In a group of four players, the odds of two people earning a hole-in-one on the same hole are about 26 million-to-one, according to Golf Digest. For a twosome to accomplish the feat, the odds would be well more than double.

The Blundys had the benefit of multiple independent witnesses who say they watched both holes-in-one, so the claim stands as credible.

"If nobody would have been around, nobody would ever believe us," Tony Blundy said to the Lansing State Journal. "We've been laughing about it every time we think about it. It's so unbelievable that it could happen."

Unbelievable, but apparently not impossible.

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