A.J. Hawk had his first tackling drill of the season, but it wasn’t at Packers training camp -- it was on the golf course.

A fan crossed the rope at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe and asked the Pro Bowl linebacker to tackle him.

Hawk summoned his inner Happy Gilmore to grant the fan’s request as he laid him out across the tee box. NBC Golf posted a video that caught all the action:

Believe it or not, this is the second time Hawk has tackled someone on the golf course. In 2012 the linebacker shoved a man into a pond during a touch football game at the Inspiring Minds Celebrity Golf Outing.

Hawk told NFL.com the tackle was part of the charity event’s silent auction. He only regrets not wrapping up for a full tackle into the pond:

“It was a charity golf event up in Youngstown and at the end, they have a dinner and auction and stuff. The guy that was running the auction, I knew him, and he wanted to raise some more money. So that was his auction item [the touch football game]. He paid good money to have [it]. ... Troy Smith threw the ball to him. Then I tackled him into the water. The dude paid — the guy's name is Bill — he paid good money to have that happen. ... The only thing I regret is...I wish I would've wrapped him up and tackled him into the water. That would've been awesome.”

Hawk made up for the missed wrap-up in 2012 by pummeling his most recent volunteer tackling dummy to the ground.

Despite whatever bruises he might have absorbed, this fan now has a golf story that's hard to beat.