The NASCAR brand is not huge in Ireland. Ask an Irish person what kind of sport takes place under the NASCAR banner, and you're liable to get a wide range of answers.

In this hilarious video below, a select few Irish people take their best guesses at what NASCAR is: Racing with animals, rappers, something to do with Madagascar.

Then they're asked to watch the sport and offer their takes, which are pretty funny -- not to mention spot-on.

"400 laps?" asks one of the people. "Fifty would be plenty."

Several people comment on the danger of the sport -- how one wrong move could create a huge pile-up and potentially kill several people.

But they seem more baffled not at NASCAR's safety, but at its popularity.

"Five hours?" notes one person. "That's like the length of 'Ben-Hur.'"

Others felt that to enjoy NASCAR, they'd have to be watching in-person while heavily intoxicated.

Said another: "It's pretty much white men that get this sport."

America doesn't disagree.

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