NBC dropped Donald Trump's Miss America pageant after his insensitive remarks about Mexican immigrants, and now ESPN and NASCAR have cancelled planned events at Trump properties.

It sounds like bad news for Trump, but au contraire: The Republican presidential candidate couldn't be happier.

After ESPN and NASCAR announced plans to cut ties with Trump properties -- and effort to distance their brands from the negative PR created by Trump's rants and raves -- the businessman only relished in the monetary gains he would reap by holding the deposits from both companies.

"What were the losses?" Trump writes. "One NASCAR banquet in a magnificent ballroom at Trump National Doral in Miami for which I will keep their very substantial deposit and rent the ballroom to someone else that night--in other words, two fees instead of one (NASCAR has already apologized to me!)."

Likewise, Trump said he will keep ESPN's large deposit and open the once-reserved golf course to the public.

Trump's giddiness over getting turned down is reminiscent of last fall, when Trump lost out on his effort to purchase the Buffalo Bills.

Immediately after his bid was rejected, he said he was happy to have lost, and that he was better off without an NFL franchise, saying it was "a dying league."

The guy is hardheaded, belligerent, offensive -- all of these things may be true. But you'll never get the satisfaction of seeing his disappointment.

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