You can't lace up a pair of Air Jordan XXXIII sneakers, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead of knotting a shoestring, you pull what Nike calls the FastFit tab to activate a set of cables that tightens the shoe around the foot.

"I love the fact that back in the day we took pride in doing things no one else did," says Gentry Humphrey, VP of footwear for Jordan Brand. "One of the things that's super-special about this one is creating an alternative lacing system that truly solves a problem we've heard from some of our athletes. So to me that's been probably the most fun thing on this project. You haven't seen this in a product before, and it works really really well."

Air Jordan XXXIII

Nike designers expect the FastFit feature to deliver two major functional benefits:

-- The ability to adjust the shoe without having to take the time to tighten and tie laces.

-- Keeping the foot better secured because the cables wrap around it rather than just sitting on top with standard laces.

David Creech, VP of design for Jordan Brand, says FastFit was the result of his team's committment to "getting back to owning innovation."

Air Jordan XXXIII is scheduled to go on sale October 18. Check out the video above for more details about the shoe including a look at different color combinations.

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