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DeMarco Murray

Nashville has garnered the nickname "Nash Vegas." It makes sense. The Tennessee city has a vibrant nightlife, with bright lights from honky-tonk bars lining Nashville's main street, Broadway.

It's a little taste of home for DeMarco Murray, but it's not the real thing. The Titans running back was born and raised in Las Vegas, where he starred at Bishop Gorman High School. As Las Vegas has never had an NFL team, he became a Detroit Lions fan, admiring the play of Barry Sanders.

The Raiders continue to flirt with the idea of moving to Paradise, Nevada. DeMarco, do you think Las Vegas can fill an NFL stadium?

"I do," Murray says. "I think Las Vegas has a great following of sports. They're just putting a hockey team there, so that's gonna be great too."

But Murray does not feel like having a football team in Las Vegas during his childhood would have affected him.

"I think, for me, at that age, I wasn't really concerned with the NFL," he says. "I was more of high school guy, a college guy, but I don't know what's going to happen. Bringing a team there would be, I don't know, it'd be very interesting."

It would be interesting, but ultimately money will determine if the Las Vegas Raiders are a real possibility.

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