Best Facebook Profile Pictures Of 2016 March Madness

Selecting your Facebook profile picture is a very tough decision. In this one picture you have the opportunity to show off your good looks, interests, personality, achievements and more. You need to choose the picture that best fits you. And on the other end, you can really find out a lot about a person just by looking at their profile picture.

With March Madness upon us, here are some of the best profile pictures of some of the best players in this tournament. Whether it's their current picture or their first, these photos are perfect.

Buddy Hield (Oklahoma)

Buddy Hield

A shirtless Player of the Year candidate goes with a Snapchat selfie profile picture. Note the color coordination with the snapback and the flag, and what looks to be a self-made 242 geofilter.

Denzel Valentine (Michigan State)

Denzel Valentine

Another Player of the Year candidate, who is making basic sorority girls proud with this “Pic Stitch.” He at least could have cropped it.

Melo Trimble (Maryland)

Melo Trimble

A young Melo Trimble toying with Photobooth! #TBT

Jameel Warney (Stony Brook)

Jameel Warney

Double-double machine Jameel Warney is killing the Frank Sinatra fedora game.

Yogi Ferrell (Indiana)

Yogi Ferrell

Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell goes with the classic shirtless selfie post-lift.

Mike Daum (South Dakota State)

Mike Daum

The Jackrabbit does his best Thor impression.

Danuel House (Texas A&M)

Danuel House

Damn Danuel! Texas A&M’s leading scorer has a magical profile picture. This could go on a late 90’s skybox basketball card.

Georges Niang (Iowa State)

Georges Niang

Niang’s Hugh Hefner moment.

Wayne Selden Jr. (Kansas)

Wayne Selden Jr.

Well this is gold.

Taureen Prince (Baylor)

Taureen Prince

A Taureen Prince (pre-awesome hair) mirror selfie, classic. I’m really not sure what emotion he is trying to portray here.

Ivan Rabb (Cal)

Ivan Rabb

A younger Rabb in what we should assume is a first day of school selfie. Facebook says it’s from 2013 but this could easily be from middle school. The Golden Bear is a projected lottery pick if he decides to enter the draft this year.

Demetrius Jackson (Notre Dame)

Demetrius Jackson

Demetrius chooses to take a picture with random statue instead of anything golf-related.

Stefan Jankovic (Hawaii)

Stefan Jankovic

Jankovic’s caption to this is just “Kim

Melvin Johnson (VCU)

Mevlin Johnson

VCU’s top scorer creates this photoshop masterpiece.

Josh Hagins (Arknsas-Little Rock)

Josh Hagins

A very early mirror selfie, featuring a phone holder.

Thomas Walkup (Stephen F. Austin)

Thomas Walkup

The name is Walkup, Thomas Walkup.

Toddrick Gotcher (Texas Tech)

Toddrick Gatcher

Toddrick Gotcher hanging out with Toddrick Gotcher.

Jaysean Paige (West Virginia)

Jaysean Paige

West Virginia’s top scorer should charge his phone more often, and crop this a lot more.

Roosevelt Jones (Butler)

Roosevelt Jones

Jones has a decent charge, but his screenshot game is awful. He could have easily downloaded this from Snapchat, instead he took a screenshot of the Snapchat and then put that through a filter app AND then took another screenshot. On top of all this, he didn't crop it.

Jamel Artis (Pittsburgh)

Jamel Artis

We know Artis knows how to crop since we have an absence of the battery power, but he still left everything in the photo, including a pop-up ad. SMH.

Maybe these guys should all just redo their profile pictures with their team logos during the NCAA Tournament.

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