Charles Oakley, one of the toughest men to play in the NBA, is facing a lawsuit for a number of dirty casino fouls.

The 1990s Knicks star originally filed a lawsuit against the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, claiming a group beatdown at the hands of five security guards in May of 2010.

Those security officers have responded with a detailed countersuit against Oakley, claiming he's attacked casino workers at least three times over the past six years, only to avoid arrest because of his VIP status.

Vegas Inc., reports the security detailed the incidents, which included one involving current Celtics forward Jermaine O'Neal at the Liqued pool at Aria.

Oakley is accused of getting in a scuffle when told he couldn't invite additional females into the pool, since it was near closing time.

Oakley, according to the legal documents, kicked, punched and bit two hotel security guards, elbowing two in the face, spitting on one and using obscenities.

The security officers are seeking unspecified damages of at least $20,000.

Other incidents documented Oakley punching a Bellagio Security Supervisor in the face in 2005.

Sending another Bellagio worker to the emergency room with a 1/2 inch cut above his right eye in 2006 after throwing a handful of craps table dice at the employee.

Oakley is currently an assistant coach for his good buddy Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats.

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