Jerry Tarkanian appeared in three major movies. Two were about basketball: "Blue Chips" and "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh." But his son Danny's favorite was "Honeymoon In Vegas." 

"That was one of the funniest movies I'd ever watched," Danny says.

Jerry shares a scene at the poker table with the stars of the film, Nicolas Cage and James Caan.

Who might be cast as the lead if the Jerry Tarkanian story is ever produced into a movie?

"We've been working on that," Danny says. "We have some people that are trying to put it together. It may not be a two-hour movie. Instead, maybe a series that's on Netflix or Amazon like they're doing now. They've talked about different people, but the one they like the most -- he hasn't shown interest in it yet -- is Paul Giamatti."

The basis for the project is a new book that Danny wrote about his dad, "Rebel With A Cause: The True Story Of Jerry Tarkanian." The publication of the book this year aligns with the 30th anniversary of Jerry leading UNLV to the NCAA championship. It is a detailed account of Tarkanian's life from his birth in Euclid, Ohio, in 1930, to a Hall of Fame coaching career and beyond.

Check out the video above for more of our conversation with Danny as we discuss how Jerry, who died in 2015, was ahead of his time in his battles against the NCAA and his coaching philosophy.

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