Teddy Bridgewater

Like most young boys in Minnesota, Obadiah Gamble loves Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. But Gamble's adoration was a little more ambitious: He wanted Bridgewater to come to his birthday party later this month.

So Gamble put together a Twitter campaign to try and convince the QB. And Bridgewater took notice, retweeting three videos the soon-to-be 7-year-old sent him:

Here's the crazy thing: It totally worked. Okay, maybe Teddy isn't coming to the party this weekend. But he might have done something even better by dropping in unannounced to spend a few hours with his biggest fan.

According to City Pages, Bridgewater and Gamble hung out and talked at the young boy's house. They played catch, and Bridgewater invited him to come to a team practice in the future.

The QB also posted a picture of his own to Twitter:

Gamble couldn't be happier. As he told City Pages: "I'll remember this my whole life."

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