Shelby Erdahl

Prepare to be cringe and be amazed: A new viral video shows a college hurdler determined to finish the race despite tearing her Achilles near the start.

Idaho State senior Shelby Erdahl's collegiate track career ended in about the most crushing and inspiring way possible. After she goes down near the back stretch of the track, she gets back up and keeps going, gingerly stepping over the hurdles and grimacing through the pain of a fully ruptured Achilles tendon:

As Erdahl rounds the final turn and heads toward the home stretch, she begins to cry. Maybe from the sheer pain of the injury catching up to her, maybe from the disappointment of her career ending on that note, maybe from being overwhelmed emotionally as people run closer to cheer her on as she finishes the race.

But according to CBS Sports, the injury at the Big Sky Outdoor Conference Championships didn't stop Erdahl from achieving a major goal of hers.

"It was a longtime goal of mine to score for my team in the 400 hurdles," she tells CBS. "And since I had made the finals all I needed to do was finish. I never really thought of stopping. To me, that would have let myself, my team, and my coaches down."

So Erdahl got her team that coveted point, and her story is one for other athletes to look up to.

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