Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe had a pretty solid run together from 1995-1999. They won two Super Bowls and made a combined seven Pro Bowls and six first-team All-Pro selections.

Now, both are on TV, but in different roles. Davis is an NFL Network analyst, who breaks down the X's and O's. Sharpe, who previously held a similar role at CBS, has become a cornerstone in Fox Sports' push for strong opinions. For more than a year now, Sharpe has debated Skip Bayless on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

"Shannon was a huge part of our success," Davis recounts his playing days, when asked about what he thinks of Sharpe on TV. "His personality was one that gave us an identity, and it gave us something that ... players looked forward to Shannon talking in the locker room, and it was kind of the glue we had. You know, he was the prankster, he was a jokester, he was a hell of a football player too. His leadership style was different because it wasn't about trying to tell you what you should do. Shannon did his thing, but he was a hell of a player and he kept everybody light. He kept the whole mood where you weren't tight. It was all loose and he was a pivotal part of our success."

Davis says Sharpe would happily take on verbal jostles in the locker room. Davis has one former teammate in mind who could be a suitable replacement for Bayless in case of emergency.

"Alfred Williams has his own show in Denver," Davis says. "He's on that debate show. He's very outspoken. He's very over the top like Shannon, so those two guys, they would go at it in the locker room and they're both in television or radio right now."

Sure, Sharpe and Williams talked, but they would walk the walk and have the rings to show it.

Davis, of course, the Super Bowl XXXII MVP, helped make those Lombardi Trophies a reality.

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