Davis Buys Mom a Car

In the world of American professional sports, it's easy for young athletes to get excited and use their newly acquired fortunes irresponsibly – but it's fair to say that Ravens defensive tackle Carl Davis won't regret his most recent purchase.

Davis signed a signed a four-year, $2.95 million contract after being a third-round pick in 2015. But instead of selfishly burning all that cash on himself, he decided to do something special for the woman that raised him.

On Sunday, Davis returned to his hometown of Detroit, where his mother, Ovella, works as a pastor. But he didn't give her any warning of his arrival. Instead, he showed up in her church's parking lot and gave her the gift of a lifetime, chronicling the events of the day in this Instagram video:

Thank God for putting me in this position to surprise my mom with a new car today.

A video posted by Carl Davis (@trenchwork94) on

It's hard to quantify pure joy any better than that, as it's clear that Davis' surprise plan to deliver the BMW was executed as well as possible. As pointed out by the Baltimore Sun, Davis' gift represented a full circle of sorts – Ovella gave birth to Carl in a car while en route to a Detroit hospital back in 1992.

Meanwhile, Davis, who finished his rookie season with 11 tackles, will soon head back to training camp. The Ravens, who are coming off their first losing season since 2007, open the season by hosting the Bills.

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